“Thank You Chris!” – Jeff P.

“Best marketing service ever, the way you get leads is simply brilliant!” – Brian W.

“Knows his stuff better than any other marketer I have ever listened to” – James D.


The only service I offer is Facebook Advertising. This does also include Facebook owned properties such as Instagram. By focusing on only one platform it allows me incredible focus and specialization allowing me to deliver one of the best Facebook advertising services on the market.


Facebook Advertising

I take care of everything related to advertising on Facebook. From creating the ads in Photoshop, setting up the backend admin configuration, uploading the ad, managing the ad, collecting the leads etc. I do everything possible to make sure you make as much profit as possible. My job is to increase your business’s bottom line.


As an owned entity of Facebook, my service does currently include Instagram advertising. If you have ideas related to campaigns on Instagram or want specific campaigns run for Instagram please bring this to my attention and I will be happy to discuss this.