Here’s my quick 2017 set-up guide to getting your business rolling in money through Facebook Ads.

  1. Create A Facebook Business Fan Page (If you haven’t already)

  2. Fill out some basic FB Page information. Such as;

    • Profile picture
    • Basic information
    • Link to your website (If you don’t have a website, I can build you one!)
  3. Do you already have an email list of customers?

    • If yes, Sweet! We are going to create a Look A-Like Audience (LLA). You can read my full break-down of LLA’s here: >>> How to Create A Look A-Like Audience in Facebook.
    • If no, Don’t worry!
  4. Go to Facebook’s Power Editor:

  5. Click on “Create Campaign” in the upper left corner

    • Name your campaign, after the Fan Page the campaign is for. For example, If I were to create a Ad Campaign for myself, I would call my Ad Campaign, “Chris White Marketing”.
    • Name your Ad Set, after the audience you want to target. For example, if you want to target small business owners, you would call your Ad Set, “Small Business Owners”
    • Name your Ad, the description of what the ad is going to look like. Its important to write the description as the title. This is because in Power Editor when you have a lot of ads its easier to find ads when they describe what the ad looks like. For example, If I wanted to make an ad targeting small business owners that showed a picture of a business man on a laptop, I would name my ad “biz man on laptop”. This just makes it easier to find later.
  6. Targeting the right audience

    • Now that we have named everything, its time to actually start targeting an audience.
    • If you happen to already have a list of emails from previous customers we are going to upload them and use them as a Look A-Like Audience (LLA). This is done by going to “Custom Audiences” and clicking on “Create New” then select “Look A-Like Audience”.
    • If you don’t have a database of emails then don’t sweat it! We are simply going to skip custom audience and go directly to the “detailed targeting” section.
    • When choosing the targeting, its important to keep the demographics limited to no more than 2 or 3 categories. Ideally, its best to choose 1 demographic category as to keep the targeting as specific as possible.
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