Most of us are familiar with online marketing terms such as web traffic, blog and affiliate marketing. But some other words are a little more difficult to understand right away. Such as PPC, which means (Pay Per Click) and is crucially important to online advertising.

So I decided to compile a list of the most important words and terms you should know for doing Facebook advertising in 2017.

> If you feel that I have left out a word please comment at the bottom and let me know, thank you and enjoy!

The most important marketing terms for 2017:


  • Affiliate Marketing – Selling other people’s products. You do the marketing and someone else does the manufacturing and production. Commonly associated with digital products and services or drop-shipping.

  • Blog – A list of published article posts. Typically done in a personal style, usually giving opinion mixed with useful information. An example is which happens to be my blog 🙂

  • Conversion Rate – The rate at which web traffic converts into some kind of collected lead. For example, if 4 people land on your website contact form and 1 person fills in the contact form, your contact form would have a conversion rate of 25% (i.e. 1 out of 4). Mathematically: conversion rate = number of opt-ins / number of visitors.

  • Domain Name – The name of a website. For example; my domain name is The URL is the official address which would be

  • Drop-Shipping – Shipping physical items from a location you do not operate at. You make the sale and someone else does the packaging and shipping. Biggest example is Amazon. You can sell items from Amazon and Amazon will then package and ship the item from their warehouse.

  • Live Chat – An instant chat messaging service used on some websites. Its a customer service / sales tool used to instantly connect website visitors with a company representative. The web visitor clicks the “live chat” box and asks a question, the messenger service then connects to a company representative who then responds to the question and attends to the person needing assistance.

  • Pageview – The number of times a page is viewed by web visitor. For example; If I go to a website (homepage) and click the about page and the contact page. That will be counted as 3 pageviews because I visited a total of 3 pages.

  • Ping or Pinging – Pinging is known as signaling web crawlers that online information has been updated. For example; when a new blog post is published it is pinged soon after for web crawlers to scan the new information and to update their existing library indexes. You can manually ping information to get it crawled faster than waiting for crawlers to organically ping it. Some pinging services do cost money, but there are some free pinging services such as and which I have used and are great FREE resources!

  • Search Engine Optimization – Otherwise known as (SEO), is the process of optimizing website data to better show up in search engine rankings. Optimizations such as using T1, T2, T3 titles, relevant keywords, and image tags can all help boost search rankings.

  • Unique Visitors – Measures the number of unique IP addresses that come to a particular website. If I go to a website and click 5 different pages, it will be measured as 1 unique visitor and 5 pageviews. What makes a visitor unique is the unique IP address associated with the device the visitor uses.

  • Website Spam – Automated robots that crawl the internet for website openings such as contact forms and email opt-ins. Most can easily be blocked by simple and free security tools. If you use WordPress for your website, you can use a free WordPress security plugin such as Akismet.

  • WordPress – The most popular blogging and website builder in the world. Over 25% of all websites are built on the WordPress platform. It has thousands of paid and free plugins to help customize your website exactly how you want it. is a free blogging platform. is the free website building platform. Its important to use the free software for building a website. Not sure how to get started building your custom website? Contact me for website building help.

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