Hey Entrepreneurs, Its Chris White here and I just wanted to share a brief post about the importance of marketing on Facebook and the benefits it can have for your business.

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The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the last couple years. Especially with the explosive popularity of social media networks. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Snapchat, the entire online world connects through social media platforms.


As more people and businesses get online, social media has become a very important and competitive place to share stories, run businesses and simply connect with each other in the convenience of our fingertips.

Regardless of whether you are running a large scale or small business, social media marketing, has several key benefits to offer your company. Here are some of the main reasons why Facebook marketing is very important.

Does Facebook Advertising Work For Small Businesses?

Facebook advertising is a cheap and very effective way of conveying your brand message to your target audience. In fact, Facebook Ads are very beneficial in improving online sales, and they are also effective at promoting increased web traffic.

One of the main reasons of the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook for small business is the ability to reach millions of people across the globe currently using the social platform. Here are other reasons why Facebook marketing works;

Reason #1: Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook analyses all the data that its user fill in their profile, which offers a very important benefit when it comes to advertisements. As a business owner using Facebook marketing, you pay to take advantage of this information so as to deliver targeted Facebook ads to a specific niche market.

Reason #2: Customer Services

Facebook can be used as an effective customer service tool. When your clients post any problems on your page, you can resolve them quickly and maintain a positive brand image. Providing services and support is very simple on Facebook because it is quite comfortable to help in building customer relationships with the organization.

Reason #3: Offering Deals

Thorough your Facebook ads manager, you can offer deals and discounts to your followers. This encourages, even more, followers and eventually translates in more clients for your small business. Facebook Places also allows consumers to get a comprehensive list of surrounding businesses in their locality when they check in a specific location. You can take advantage and use Facebook ads to offer deals and lure clients to your store.


Reason #4: Cost Savings


Using social media marketing through Facebook is quite cheap compared to the ads and promotions that are usually run through traditional marketing channels like newspapers or TV. Additionally, the fact that is Facebook is free to use means that you will have an endless supply of users provided you do your marketing effectively.




Social media marketing is simply an invaluable tool for small businesses as it allows them to gain the same kind of exposure as their much larger competitors. If you have not been using Facebook advertising, you are simply missing out on millions of prospective clients.

Do you want me to run your Facebook marketing? I would love to chat with you about your business, either through phone or email. Simply send me a message and let’s get started today!

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