1.) Chris, What do you do exactly?

A: I am responsible for growing your business online

2.) How soon until I can expect results?

A: I begin work immediately! I pride myself on working harder and faster than other marketers so I can deliver quicker results than the competition. Specific deadlines will of course depend upon the work being done and is kept between me and you as the client.

3.) Do you track my results?

A: Of course! I invented a program called Lead Tracker, which measures your incoming leads, your budget, your spending rates, your profit rates and much more! Everything is tracked! Have a question about how much you’ve spent in the last month? We have all the data and you get access to ALL OF IT… FOR FREE!

4.) Chris, What if I have questions? Will I be able to call you?

A: Yes! I personally hate sending emails and waiting for a response. Which is why all clients get access to my direct telephone line where you get to speak to me directly. If I am out of the office simply leave a text message or voice mail and I will personally return your call. If you prefer to communicate through email we can always do that as well.

5.) Do you take E-Commerce clients?

A: Unfortunately, at this time I do not offer e-commerce marketing… sorry. But, I can refer you to people who do!

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